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Excellent in Specialty

Advanced infrastructure, professional data processing and continuous innovation and optimization guarantee the leading trade experience.

Excellence in convenience

MT5 provides windows, Android and iPhone clients to facilitate customers to participate in transactions anytime, anywhere

Why Bohua technology is used

Risk Management

Powerful risk control function, price limit order, profit stop loss, tracking stop loss, multiple ways to register, 100% automatic execution.

Chart analysis

There are 31 kinds of chart drawing tools, 33 kinds of technical indicators, and many kinds of chart templates, which have powerful chart drawing and analysis functions.

Millisecond execution

Millisecond order execution speed, 99.7% of orders executed within one second, accurately grasp the market opportunity.

data security

MT5 client and service data are all through internationally recognized security technology to ensure the safety of funds.

Fully compatible

Fully compatible with windows, IOS, Android and other operating systems, the same account can enjoy multi device simultaneous trading.

Free simulation

MT5 provides free simulation trading platform for the majority of investment enthusiasts to experience 100% real derivatives trading.

Risk warning: the trading products provided by the official website include currency pairs, precious metals, crude oil, etc., which have high risks. You may lose part or all of your principal because of the profit and loss of your investment. Margin trading is not for everyone. Please confirm that you fully understand the risks involved before trading. All the information on this website does not constitute an invitation for investment advice or sale of any financial products.

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